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Figured i'd do this.. okay me? well..
~My name is Savannah Cheyenne Elise Cooper. So my initials are SCEC that rhymes with ACDC . But everyone calls me Savvy.
~ I love someone dearly so don't try with me it's gross and desperate online.
~Love love love music. rock, alternative, dubstep, pop rock. really it. Don't like much rap or country. (yet i'm country)
~ I am 14 years old. (8/17/00) 15 soon.
~ Going to 9th grade.
~ Loving and caring person.
~ I have severe anxiety and depression.
~ Live with my grandma.
~ Live in Alabama c; Roll Tide.
~ I absolutely love animals and babies <3 if i'm around an animal or baby is really the only time I smile.
~ I love my mom very much and miss her.
~ I'm very artistic.
~ Love volleyball.
~ I'm 5"4' ^u^ I'm short but I like it.
~ Blonde hair.. obviously as you see in my picture.
~ very light Green eyes.
~ I'm easy to get along with and open to everyone but very shy at first. That's really it.. c:

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1. -KillKid- ~ Dimitri, Bubbie <3 i've known you for almost 3 years now. You are my everything I couldn't ask for a better friend honestly. You have been there through everything for me and I am so grateful for that. We've had our ups and downs but they have made us who we are today. No matter where we land in life I always want you there with me. I love you and always will. Thank you for all the late night phone calls, laughing together, teasing each other etc. I never want you out of my life. <3

2. Walmart ~ Mason.. omg to think we re met on Misdew.. Who would've ever known. You used to baby sit me when I was little ^-^ So i've known you a really long time. I used to have a huge crush on you cx You thought it was adorable Now we rarely talk cause you're so busy but I miss my maymay (remember that? cx ) I miss you buddy.

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