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Dylan: a half dragon/half human form has the powers of fire,ice,and shadow. dragon form a ice dragon and a fire dragon form and his legendary fire and ice dragon forms. that is a ice dragon king.
Drawing show

thanks! I was zzzdylan1. Drawing made by Rin
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This is my beta OCs things may be added.
Name: Lighting Wings

Gender: Male

Race: Pegasus

Age: 10

Appearance: He is an small stallion and his fur color Is White And his mane is dyed with rainbow colors .

Cutie Mark and Special talent: His Cutie Mark is Gears And his special talent is fixing

Personality : People who haven't met him think he Is overconfident but when he become friends with an pony he shows his true personality is shown he becomes an fun-loving pony His Mom is Scootaloo.

Aleesia is a 16 year old female elf with blue eyes and with brown hair.She wears medium military grade combat armor excluding the helmet. The weapons that she has is a assault rifle/ sniper rifle like Widowmakers gun and a katana as a melee weapon. Underneath the combat armor she wears a t-shirt and a short skirt. She is overconfident about her skills thinking that she would expect to win most of her fights. She is a mercenary and will help anyone for the right price. She is smart and will most likely try to kill you from a far distance. In a battle she wears the helmet.

pokemon Y mewtwo is awesome I was zzzdylan1. Drawing made by Rin

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